PT. Komotech Indonesia was established in Gresik since 2002. From inception the company focused on manufacturing Wear Resistant Overlay Plate and Hardfacing Application to various industrial sectors such as Cement Mining and Power Plant Industry Since then, the company has grown steadily from small size company to a company with the capability to provide constructive solution for various infrastructure projects, besides establishing it self as manufacturing of quality product to many infrastructure and other engineering contractors, as well as industrial companies, the company has executed various successful lump sum turn key projects in consortium with others.
Currently, about 150 people are employed at its workshop in Gresik.On the export front, PT. Komotech Indonesia is looking towards expanding its horizons.The company has exported substantial volumes to South Korea and is exploring other potential market.
Cost efective operations propelled by knowledge of worldwide sources and support from various suppliers and our highly qualified engineers enable us at PT. Komotech Indonesia to provide more reliable and sophisticated solutions to our customers at competitive prices.
Our vision is to serve our customers well by ensuring availability of Quality and Cost Effective products and solutions.